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Owner/Host: Fernando
Social Media Manager: Karina - @karinatorresxx

Co-Host/Senior Writer: Keith - @SwampDonkey_90
Senior Writer: Andrew - @AndrewwwFelton
Senior Writer: Eric - @Shaw_eric29

Senior Writer: LaMarr - @Raiderway83
Senior Writer: Charlie - @Chuckster7777
Writer: Jake - @Jflo_22
Writer: Treal - @Coachtreal2
Writer: Andrew - @AQuinnff
Writer: Dwayne - @RTPOWPodcast
Writer: David - @PigskinPapers
Writer: Kyle - @KyleThibideau
: Cantly Elliot - @onlyspecialist

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My name is Fernando and I am the creator of SportsTimeHQ.

My lifetime goal is to become a Sports Analyst.

I am going to keep you in the loop of professional and fantasy sports.

Subscribe down below and follow any of our socials "SportsTimeHQ"

I hope you enjoy and make sure to leave a comment or anything you would like to see more of!

- Fernando

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