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A Haiku To Sum Up Each AL Team's Season

Updated: May 31

A Haiku To Sum Up Each AL Team's Season

Written by: Wendell Quan Fun

I try to catch you up on the 2022 MLB season, in the form of haiku poetry. Short and to the point.

Baseball season is long. Even for diehard fans, it can be hard to follow your favorite team for 162 games. For fun, and for fans, I will use poetry to briefly fill you in on how your team is doing, starting with the American League. For those of you who don't know the rules of haiku:

  1. Each poem is three lines long.

  2. The first and third lines must be stated in 5 syllables.

  3. The second line must be stated in 7 syllables.

I hope you like this. Here it goes.

New York Yankees

The Yanks rose with Judge,

But where would they be without

Cortes, Taillon, Holmes?

Toronto Blue Jays

They've hit well enough.

But need more starting pitching.

Won't catch the Yankees.

Boston Red Sox

No Sale? No problem.

With Pivetta and Wacha,

Playoffs are in reach.

Tampa Bay Rays

Pitching is so good

They could still make the playoffs

Without run support.

Baltimore Orioles

Better than we thought.

Outfielders have produced runs.

O's are still in last.

Minnesota Twins

Buxton is healthy.

Nine guys have five home runs each.

Offense is balanced.

Cleveland Guardians

Without Ramirez

Offense doesn't score enough.

Solid pitching staff.

Chicago White Sox

Starters have struggled

Except for Cease and Kopech.

Hope Lance Lynn can help.

Detroit Tigers

Who's the best hitter

On MLB's worst offense?

Miguel Cabrera.

Kansas City Royals

Bobby Witt Jr.

Has power and speed to burn.

He's been fun to watch.

Houston Astros

They've dominated.

But they haven't scored enough

With all those home runs.

Texas Rangers

They have held their own

Despite Semien's slow start.

Cy Young for Perez?

Los Angeles Angels

Halos can't score runs

Without Ohtani and Trout.

Career year from Ward.

Seattle Mariners

France can flat-out hit.

Rodriguez will be a star.

Ray needs to step up.

Oakland A's

Montas and Blackburn

Don't get any run support.

They'll both get traded.

For fun, give it a try! Leave your haiku for your favorite team in the Comments section below. Twitter: @Wendell_QF

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