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MLB Power Rankings: After Week 3

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

MLB Power Rankings as of 4/25/21

Written By: Eric Shaw

Who's rising and who falling /

These power rankings are updated as of April 25th, 2021

*These rankings are based on current play and potential.


1. Los Angeles Dodgers (15-6)


The Dodgers had a tough battle with the Padres over the weekend and ended up losing three out of four. We know the fire power they have and that's why they still sit on top of the list.

Previous rank: 1


2. Oakland Athletics (14-8)


The Athletics just had one of the best runs we have seen since 2017. Winning 13 straight games. The A’s may be the hottest team in baseball right now. Finally losing their streak to the Orioles, the question is, can they still stay hot.

Previous rank: 18


3. San Diego Padres (12-11)


The Padres saw a dip in rankings but only because of how good the A’s have been. The Padres almost swept the Dodgers in LA, which is a very good sign for them. During the series over the weekend, Fernando Tatis Jr. hit five home runs, including two on the 22 year anniversary of his father hitting two grand slams in the same inning at Dodger stadium.

Previous rank: 2


4. Boston Red Sox (14-9)


The Red Sox had a couple tough series over the week hosting the hot Mariners over the weekend. Alex Verdugo stays very hot for the Sox helping them split the series against Seattle.

Previous rank: 3


5. Milwaukee Brewers (13-8)


The Brewers have found their rhythm as they take the lead of the NL Central. Pitching is still amazing for them as Woodruff stays hot for them.

Previous rank: 13


6. Seattle Mariners (13-9)


The Mariners may be the most surprising teams right now as the Dodgers came into Seattle and split the series, and then went into Boston and split the series with them too. The Mariners sit at second right now only one game behind the A’s.

Previous rank: 19


7. Chicago White Sox (12-9)


The White Sox have been just playing good baseball. They are on a four game win streak with their next series against the Tigers. Hopefully they can continue to play well and sweep them.

Previous rank: 8


8. San Francisco Giants (14-8)


The Giants have been playing great lately. They are in second place in a very tough division. They are only one game behind the Dodgers. Can they pull through and get a chance to take over the division.

Previous record: 20


9. New York Mets (9-8)


The Mets have an MVP candidate on their hands, and it is none other than Jacob deGrom. His last outing was a complete game only allowing two hits and fifteen strike outs. HE proves day in and day out he is the best pitcher in the world.

Previous rank: 7


10. Kansas City Royals (13-7)


The Royals are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Lead by veteran catcher Salvador Perez, this may be legit. They are still in first place in the AL Central.

Previous rank: 22


11. Los Angeles Angels (10-10)

The Angels took a little bit of a dip just missing out on the top 10. Mike Trout has recently just gone out with a minor Elbow injury and Rendon had been on the 10-day injured list for a little bit with a groin injury. Once everyone is back this team will be back playing at a high level.

Previous rank: 4


12. Atlanta Braves (9-12)

The Braves have been picking it up lately. Ronald Acuna may be the most electrifying player in baseball. Is really a treat to be able to watch him play everyday. The Braves are starting to work their way up the NL East, they are still second to last play, but are only two games out of first.

Previous rank: 10


13. Houston Astros (10-11)

The Astros are a weird team right now. They get swept by the Rockies, one of the worst teams in the league, but then take three out of four from the Angels. They need to be consistent if they wanna win the division this year.