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Mock Draft on Sleeper: 12 Team, 1QB, PPR - Redraft

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Mock Draft on Sleeper: 12 Team, 1QB, PPR - Redraft

Written by: Fernando Jeronimo

I decided to do a Mock Draft on Sleeper based on 12 teams, 1QB, and full PPR with my team being randomized for a slot pick. Below I will give you an overview of the league format and how my picks went.


1 QB

2 RB

2 WR

1 TE


6 Bench


1.12 - WR, Davante Adams

Picks before 1.12: J. Mixon, S. Diggs, J. Chase

Picks after 1.12: T. Kelce, N. Chubb, T. Hill

It's unfortunate that Chase went one pick before I was up because I would have loved to take Chase, but I think taking Adams at the 1.12 was the best option for the remaining receivers at the time as well as running backs.

2.01 - TE, Travis Kelce

Picks before 2.01: S. Diggs, J. Chase, D. Adams

Picks after 2.01: N. Chubb, T. Hill, D. Swift

I am not a fan of going zero RB in the first two rounds but I did not like RBs that were there at my pick so I decided to pick one of the top TEs still in the league. Kelce is still going to put up solid numbers and I would be shocked if he falls out of the top 3 this season. I know now that my next two picks will need to be RBs.

3.12 - RB, Ezekiel Elliot

Picks before 3.12: J. Herbert, G. Kittle, D. Montgomery

Picks after 3.12: A. Gibson, T. McLaurin, B. Hall

Another snipe... David Montgomery would have been this pick but I think this pick worked out in the best. Usually, in drafts, I am very low on Zeke because I think he goes way too high for my liking but this year I am starting to get on the Zeke train. Coming off the board at RB17 is absolutely insane. He has finished as the RB10 or higher in every season besides 2017 where he only played 10 games and faced an injury where he still finished the season as the RB13. I think he is a steal at his ADP and I am looking to get him everywhere I can.

4.01 - RB, Antonio Gibson

Picks before 4.01: G. Kittle, D. Montgomery, E. Elliot

Picks after 4.01: T. McLaurin, B. Hall, C. Akers

For anyone who knows me, I love Antonio Gibson and I think he will continue to thrive in Washington. In his two seasons, he has finished as the RB13 and RB12 last season, and again his ADP is perfect because you will have a chance to receive upside at the 4.01. After four rounds I liked my starting core having both running backs at really good values and getting a top WR and TE.

5.12 - WR, Courtland Sutton

Picks before 5.12: D. Schultz, K. Murray, L. Jackson

Picks after 5.12: M. Williams, T. Hockenson, D. Harris

Quarterbacks are starting to go and in a 1QB league, I am fine waiting for a QB in the later rounds. I decided to add my second wide receiver here in the draft. Many people are Jerry Jeudy fans and as much as I think he will thrive with Wilson there, I think Sutton is being undervalued going 12 picks later after Jeudy (4.12). This will be the season where we can see the whole offense shine and get to see all these talented players show how talented they are.

6.01 - WR, Mike Williams

Picks before 6.01: K. Murray, L. Jackson, C. Sutton

Picks after 6.01: T. Hockenson, D. Harris, B. Cooks

So, this pick is interesting because you see Cooks go a few picks after this one and I would have loved to snag him up too but I couldn't pass up Mike Williams here. Williams finished as the WR9 last season and was drafted at the WR26. Yeah, I said that right. His production is going to continue to thrive and I would not be surprised if he finished inside the top 15 again this season. At this point, he would go into my flex and I could go for a QB in the next round to cap off the starting roster or continue to add depth.

7.12 - QB, Russell Wilson

Picks before 7.12: D. London, D. Smith, G. Davis

Picks after 7.12: H. Renfrow, B. Aiyuk, G. Wilson

I decided to stack the Broncos QB and WR on this team and I think it will benefit really well. The other QBs on the board are Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, and Aaron Rodgers but I went would a complete breakout potential QB with rushing upside and I think he will be able to produce really well in Denver.