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2022 NFL QB Projections

Updated: Jun 16

2022 NFL QB Projections

Written by: Edric Coppy

These are my 2022 NFL QB Projections ordered by how good of a year I predict the QB will have. If you enjoyed this article, or would like to offer a different opinion, send me a message, @TheFFkid on Twitter!

After a chaotic NFL offseason, there are still many questions. Where will Deebo Samuel go? What happens with OBJ? This is the order that I have developed for my projections of how they will perform this year. (This is not me ranking who the best QBs are). 1. Josh Allen - He’s got Stefon Diggs and one of the best defenses in the NFL.

2. Tom Brady - He has Mike Evans, Russel Gage, and Chris Godwin (if healthy). Even without Godwin in the mix, I’d keep him here at number two.

3. Justin Herbert - He has an electric offense at his fingertips, and the defense should keep reuniting him with the ball.

4. Aaron Rodgers - The back-to-back M.V.P. is coming off a devastating playoff loss, and he’s without his top receiver. I still trust he can make things happen. It will be difficult though.

5. Patrick Mahomes - Even without Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs have an amazing offense, and the generational talent should have another amazing year and deep playoff run.

6. Joe Burrow - The Bengals improved their O-Line, gained lots of talent in free agency, and lost almost nothing to free agency. I’m excited to watch Burrow throw from a pocket that can survive longer than 3 seconds.

7. Lamar Jackson - The 2019 M.V.P. can hopefully have a great year, coming off of an injury. He no longer has Hollywood Brown, so someone like Rashod Bateman needs to step up. The Ravens had, in my opinion, one of the best drafts of this year. I’d like to see them run deep into the playoffs.

8. Russell Wilson - On a new team, the 2014 super bowl champion should have a great year. I would like to see a team that had the number 9 overall pick make a playoff run.

9. Derek Carr - The Raiders got Davante Adams. The Raiders gave Carr an extension. I'm ready for Carr to produce some of the best numbers of his career.

10. Deshaun Watson - After sitting out a year, the Clemson product will most likely be suspended for a few games. After the suspension ends, I’d like to see him pop off in an offense with Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper, and more.

11. Matthew Stafford - Coming off a Super Bowl win, Matthew Stafford has a fresh weapon in Allen Robinson and the best receiver last year at his disposal. I see greatness again from him and the rams.

12. Kyler Murray - The 2019 first-overall pick is entering a year where he will have Hollywood Brown and DeAndre Hopkins. Expect to see some production, especially since he wants a massive extension.

13. Jalen Hurts - Two names. A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith. This is a duo at receiver that any team would want to have. I see Hurts having an even better year after this offseason.

14. Dak Prescott - The playoffs were... Disappointing. I hope Dak has a good year, throwing to CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, and Jalen Tolbert.

15. Matt Ryan - Let’s face it. Atlanta was not a team you wanted to play for last year. Going after Deshaun Watson did not help. On a new (and much better) team, I think Matt Ryan could make some noise.

16. Kirk Cousins - Kirk Cousins should do well under center, throwing to Justin Jefferson and Adam Theilen. I’d like to see the Vikings do good, especially because they traded to the back end of the first round.

17. Jameis Winston - If he’s healthy, which he should be, he will have no problem throwing to Michael Thomas, Chris Olave, and Alvin Kamara. I've liked Winston’s playing ever since he left the Bucs, and it’s time for him to pick up where he left off.

18. Trevor Lawrence - The 2021 first-overall pick has some shiny new weapons to throw to and a new coaching staff that he should thrive under. I’m hoping for him to have a great year.

19. Tua Tagovailoa - Honestly, Tua just needs to throw the ball down the field. Either Waddle or Hill will get to it. Seriously though, this is a make-or-break year for the Dolphins starter.

20. Mac Jones - The Patriots had a Strange draft. Not only did they reach into later rounds three or four times, but they passed up on players that could've helped their team. Hopefully, the DeVante Parker trade pays off and Mac Jones can have another exciting year.

21. Ryan Tannehill - Don’t get me wrong, Ryan Tannehill isn't bad. I just have one question. Who is he throwing to? Robert Woods is a good player, but I like him more as a compliment player. Treylon Burks has to step up if the Titans are going to accomplish much of anything.

22. Zach Wilson - Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore should make a nice duo if Zach can have a good year. I see this as another year for the Jets where they get another high draft pick.

23. Carson Wentz - Carson Wentz has been so-so. I see him doing pretty well with Terry McLaurin, but there is still a chance he may hold out for a new contract. Either way, Wentz needs to prove he can hold onto a team for longer than a year after having 3 in the past 3 years.

24. Trey Lance - We haven’t seen a lot of Trey Lance. But, on a 49ers team that made it to the NFC championship, I think he should have a good enough year.

25. Jared Goff - With Jameson Williams, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and D.J. Chark, Goff should have no trouble finding an open receiver. However, I think that Jared Goff will play like Jared Goff and the Lions will end up with a top-3 pick again.

26. Davis Mills - Coming off of an unexpectedly good rookie season, the third-round pick should have an average year, not a great one but not a bad one. The Texans should also have a top-3 pick.

27. Marcus Mariota - I like Marcus Mariota. Unfortunately, he is dealt the unfortunate hand of playing for the Falcons. He should do well with Drake London and a potential top tight end in Kyle Pitts.

28. Daniel Jones - This is a make-or-break year for the Giants' QB. He needs to throw some touchdowns. Even with the selection of Evan Neal helping his abilities, I think he will have a disappointing year.

29. Justin Fields - The Ohio-State product is playing for a Bears team that did absolutely nothing to help him. The selection of Velus Jones Jr. is the only notable thing they did on offense in the draft, and the late-round lineman shouldn’t have that much of an impact. The Bears should have a top-3 pick, which they hopefully use on offense.

30. Drew Lock - Drew Lock just needs to throw it in D.K. Metcalf’s direction. Perform a few handoffs. Unfortunately for Seahawks fans, I don’t see any surprise breakout year for Lock.

31. Mitch Trubisky - The QB who served as a backup for the Bills last year should be knocked out of the starting job by week 14. Either the Steelers don’t make the playoffs, or Pickett just simply outperforms him.

32. Sam Darnold - Same as Trubisky, I see Darnold out of the role by week 14. The Panthers will not be making the playoffs without a healthy Christian McCaffery, and that is a rarity. Spending a third-round pick on Matt Corral does not indicate he will be starting, but it at least indicates the Panthers expect Darnold to perform, and if he doesn’t it’s Matt Corral time.

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