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Top Three 2023 MLB Draft Arms to Watch

Top Three 2023 MLB Draft Arms to Watch

Written by: Kyle Thibideau

1. Chase Dollander RHP TEN - A transfer from Georgia Southern, Dollander excelled in Tennessee's rotation, posting a 10-0 record with a 2.39 ERA over 79 innings, and topping it off with a outstanding 0.79 WHIP. Chase has electric arm speed, with his fastball getting up to 99 miles an hour, a spinning slider and changeup in the high 80s, and a high 70s curveball to put the cherry on top. He's also known to have premium command as one of the best arms in college baseball and his draft class. Expect Chase to be a top 3 pick in Seattle come July.

Pro Comparison - Frankie Montas

Photo - Dan Harralson / Vols Wire

2. Hurtson Waldrep RHP Florida - Another transfer coming to the SEC, who then excelled at Florida, Hurtson came from Southern Miss for his junior year. His fastball can get up to 97 mph, with many bats missing the heater. His changeup is inconsistent but it is above average when it's alive. Waldrep has a very athletic frame and strength, which is good qualities for a pitcher to have, while also having a quick arm on the mound. He gives me flashes of Jacob deGrom, Mad Max, and Gerrit Cole with his overpowering, shove it down your throat technique.

Photo - Joe Harper /

3. Noble Meyer RHP Jesuit HS - It's very unusual to list a high school pitcher as a top three arm in their respective draft class, but Noble Meyer is that exception. Jesuit High school is located in Portland, Oregon. This is no ordinary high school, as it is known to produce elite pitching prospects, as guys like Mick Abel and Nelson Keljo came from this high school. During the 2022 showcase, Meyer's fastball ramped up to 98 mph, even with some ride on it. The slider is in the mid 80's with a sweeping action on it, while his changeup has a lot of work to do. His frame is above the rest, standing at 6 foot 5, long, lanky, and built. He could be a hit or miss on draft day, depending on his senior year at Oregon.

Photo - Perfect Game

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