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Top 5 things the Raiders need vs the Chargers on #SNF

Updated: Jun 3

The Las Vegas Raiders have the chance of a lifetime on Sunday Night Football. You win, and you are in, or have the Jags beat the Colts. But let’s just say the Colts win their game. The Raiders & Chargers will be playing in front of the nation with a playoff berth on the line.

5. Slow down Austin Eckler & Keenen Allen. In Gus Bradley’s Defense, he doesn’t give the opponent deep plays down the field. But in exchange for that short passes are there for the opponent. Justin Herbert is one of the league’s leaders in short pass attempts and completions. Coach Bradley may want to try jumping or undercutting those routes to get a short field early.

4. Push the Tempo! I have said this for years. This would help Derek Carr get his feet wet in games. The Raiders offense has struggled in the first quarter forever, while Carr has been good at the end of halves and games. During the first half the raiders should put him in some no huddle or muddle huddle situations, which could help him start faster.

3. Don’t come trying to run the ball. Sounds weird that the Chargers have one of the worst Defenses vs the Run, but it’s a passing league and balance is huge for the Raiders. However, getting Carr on the same page with Waller (missed 5 games) and Desean Jackson is really important. The game rests on Derek’s Arm so he needs to click early with targets not named Renfrow.

2. The defense has been the league average this season. Helping what has been at times struggling offense down the stretch. Herbert needs to be pressured and disrupted. When Crosby & Yannick don’t get home the Raiders can get there. They should get their hands up since Herbert leads the league in Batted Passes. Being aggressive and blitzing will be huge. They can’t get down 21-0 then begin to be aggressive. This is it, since tomorrow could be the last game many of these defensive coaches will have in silver & black. So empty the holster, throw the book at them. Which ever term you like to use Gus Bradley can’t just sit back and wait.

1. Derek Carr could write articles all day on his years with the Raiders. Carr is at home, playing a familiar opponent in prime time, in an offense that he knows very well. So to quote Bruce Buffer “It’s time!!!” Time for Carr to lead on the field. Time for Carr to not turn the ball over. Time for Carr to get off to a good start in the first quarter. Yes it’s Time for Carr to be a playoff participant. No Excuses…its Year 8.

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