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A New Era for the Miami Dolphins

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

A New Era for the Miami Dolphins

Written by: Rich Mendoza

Twitter @RicardoEMendoza

Credits: NFL · March 23, 2022


It is not easy to be a Dolphins fan, we live just from old memories as the undefeated 1972 season or what about Marino as the single greatest player in Miami Dolphins history. These days, it's all about chasing memories, we want new memories that are better than the old memories!

But with a new season ahead with a new coach and the free agency contracts signed off, we trust this could be a new winning memories era.

The Dolphins already have a new head coach, and his name is Mike McDaniel. The former 49ers offensive coordinator arrives in Florida covered in a cloud of good fame and acclaim from players who were under his tutelage and who consider him something of a strategic genius.

McDaniel signed a four-year contract and could be considered a "boom-or-bust" coach, as he comes to a team that has had a winning record the last two years but has not made the playoffs since 2016.

The Dolphins are a team where the "bust" is almost a gift, if he fails like so many coaches have before him, no one will blame him. in the other side McDaniel comes to a Dolphins better armed than we've not seen them in a long time, both offensively and defensively. There are things to solve, the offensive line for example.

But let's see at what points is where McDaniel can get the most out of this team to take it to the next level.


In Tua we trust

Mike McDaniel has spoken very well about Tua, who is entering his third season in the NFL and this time he will have no excuse, he has to raise the level, his new coach is sure he can deliver, but it will be necessary to see if he manages to elevate the offensive pieces around him so that they in turn elevate Tua, as was the case in San Francisco with Jimmy G. Tua's back up Teddy Bridgewater, he arrives with a one-year contract, experienced and efficient option in case Tua misses a season game.

Run, run, run

It looks Miami is stopping playing running back roulette. McDaniel wants to stop putting "just good" runners to run to fulfill the role of workhorses. And one space will be for Chase Edmons, the RB signs a two-year, $12.6 million deal with Miami (6.1 guaranteed), 25 years old, productive, capable as a receiver, he can perform very well in McDaniel's scheme. McDaniel's old friend Raheem Mostert quick and productive RB, perfect for Mike's zona scheme. Other interesting weapon is Alec Ingold FULLBACK! perfect for McDaniel's career scheme, former Wisconsin Badgers, captain and much-loved player in Raiders

George Kittle are you there?

Mike Gesicki was put a franchise tag on him to retain him, since McDaniel is used to having a star tight end and the connection that Gesicki has with Tua, especially in deep passes, is something that the new coach should take advantage of.

Offensive Line

Turn of the most desired signing, Terron Armstead, the best LT in free agency experience and quality for the OL never seen in Miami. Sometimes we forget that they took a left tackle in the second round "Liam Eichenberg", his rookie season did not cover the expectations. The other new kid in the block Connor Williams OG 24 years old will support the weak OL.

Last but not least - Air Force

Tyreek Hill's turn I think he does not need any introduction, heavy speed a perfect player for McDaniel, he's going to form a lethal duo with Jaylen Waddle, McDaniel is said to have mentioned Waddle a lot as one of the pieces he sees the most potential for in terms of versatile utilization. We are not going to say that Waddle has the same physical conditions as Deebo, but it would be the equivalent of him for McDaniel in this new stage of his career, since he has the speed to experiment with him using him in different positions, including running back. Don't be surprised to see Waddle as the NFL's next Fantasy players to beware. the complement will be the addition of former Dallas Cowboys Cedrick Wilson, signs a 3-year contract with Miami $22.8 million (12.75 guaranteed) and economic option within the WR market that has skyrocketed, 2021 was his best year in the NFL (692 yds, 6 TD).

It's early in the year, but among all the possibilities that were open, I think Mike McDaniel is a good bet and if Stephen Ross and Chris Grier let him work, the future can be hopeful in South Beach.

And the Defense??, that is for the next post....End by restating your main message. You can sign off with a funny note or an open question.

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