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Fantasy Baseball Must Adds - Pitcher Edition

Updated: May 31

Fantasy Baseball Adds - Pitcher Edition

Written By: Eric Shaw

As we are just over two weeks into the MLB season, it is still early enough to make some changes to your fantasy team. The season is off to a great start and hopefully it stays this way. But who are the best pitchers for your team?


Joe Musgrove - San Diego Padres

If you have been paying any attention to sports news you would have seen that there have already been two no hitters in the MLB. One of them being Joe Musgrove of the San Diego Padres and the second being Carlos Rodón of the Chicago White Sox. But are these guys for real? Does one performance predict how the rest of their season will go. The answer is No! But if you take a look into yahoo fantasy baseball, these great games did not come out of nowhere. Joe Musgrove is season ranked number four with a 2-1 record. Musgrove is putting up an amazing 0.47 ERA with a total of 24 strikeouts in his three starts. If this man is available make sure to pick him up.


Carlos Rodón - Chicago White Sox

Next up is Carlos Rodón, should you make a move and try to trade for him? Looking at his stats Rodón is season ranked number seven on yahoo fantasy. Looking at his numbers this year, Rodón is 2-0 and has not given up a single run this year with 16 strikeouts. This is another great addition to your team as he gets great run support from his offense and his bullpen will not ruin any of his amazing games.


Devin Williams - Milwaukee Brewers

As there are many great starts to the season, not everyone starts that goods. Players like Devin Williams and Liam Hendricks are not off to years everyone thought they would be on. But there is no need to worry, as they are still elite pitchers in the league. Williams has a season rank of 509 which is honestly not that great. Having two rough outings against the Cubs early on, does not mean he will continue at that rate. Williams posted a 4-1 record and a 0.33 ERA in 2020, making him the 2020 NL reliever of the year. If some fool dropped him because of his bad start, make sure to pick him up because he will go back to his normal self.


Liam Hendriks - Chicago White Sox

As for the 2020 AL Reliver of the year Liam Hendricks is also having a tough start to the 2021 year for his new club, the White Sox. Hendricks is not even having a bad year, but is starting slower than what people expected from him. He only has one save on the season with a 6.13 ERA, it could be better, but it takes time to get used to a new home. By the time May comes around, Hendricks will be back to his normal self, getting a safe on every opportunity he has.


Zach Greinke - Houston Astros

For starting pitching Zack Greinke, he is off to a terrible start, and since he is still a big name player, there is a chance you could bundle him up in a trade to get rid of. Greinke is 1-1 this season with a 4.08 ERA, which is not very Greinke like. In 17.2 IP, he only has 10 strikeouts.


Alex Reyes - St. Louis Cardinals

But who are those pitchers having an incredible start this season. A name that may not come up that often is Alex Reyes, so far this season he has three saves with a 0.00 ERA, he could be a sneaky pickup as he only rostered on 77% of teams (Yahoo Fantasy).


Matt Barnes - Boston Red Sox

Another great pickup is Matt Barnes. Barnes is the Red Sox closing pitcher, who is on a great start to the season. Barnes is season ranked 14, which is insane as he is only roasted on 71% (Yahoo Fantasy) of teams. Barnes has posted 14 strikeouts in seven IP, averaging two strikeouts an innings. Barnes is 1-0 on the season with two saves. If there was one player I would recommend on making a trade for, Matt Barnes is your man.


Bottom line, pitching is a very tough position to fill on a fantasy team, and you need to know who you should and should not go with. There are many elite pitchers in this game, but the ones who get you win, strikeouts, saves, low ERA’s and low WHIP are the ones who matter for your fantasy team. The season is too new to judge a player on a couple bad appearances. As time goes on, players will settle down and pay as they should.

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