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Home Run Derby Prediction

Updated: Jun 16

Home Run Derby Prediction

Written by: LaMarr Fields

The Home Run Derby field is set, and it will take place Monday, July 12, at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The field features defending champion Pete Alonso of the New York Mets, the Rangers Joey Gallo, the Oriole Trey Mancini, the Angels Shohei Ohtani, the Royals Salvador Perez, the Rockies Trevor Story, the Nationals Juan Soto, and the A's Matt Olson.


1) Shohei Ohtani vs 8) Juan Soto

- Ohtani leads the majors with 33 home runs so far this season. He has power to all fields and has 15 homers of 110-plus mph. Also, 16 of Ohtani's home runs have gone 420 feet or longer. Ohtani is flat-out amazing and is playing outstanding this year, hitting and pitching.

- Soto is another play that can hit home runs to all fields. So far this season, Soto has 11 homers. Soto has 80 homers so far in his career. He is an emerging star for the Nationals.

Winner: Shohei Ohtani


2) Joey Gallo vs 7) Trevor Story

- Gallo is a big-time power hitter; he is sitting at 24 homers so far this year. Gallo is the typical home run derby type player, I'm surprised this is his first one. In his career, Gallo has had two homers go over 490 feet. In Denver, expect Gallo to hit some bombs.

- Story will benefit from playing at home, and he has 11 home runs this season. Story is the only player in history to hit four straight home runs to begin his Major League career.

Winner: Joey Gallo


3) Matt Olson vs 6) Trey Mancini

- Olson has been a solid home run hitter since coming up for the A's; he has 124 homers for his career and 23 so far this year. But, unfortunately, Olson plays in a not-so-homer-friendly ballpark in Oakland. Nevertheless, Olson could thrive in the home derby in Coors field.

- Mancini has been a fantastic feel-good story; he missed last season because of Stage 3 colon cancer. Mancini has made a tremendous recovering and is playing good baseball. So far this season, Mancini has 16 home runs and will look to catch fire in the Derby.

Winner: Matt Olson


4) Salvador Perez vs 5) Pete Alonso

- Perez is looking to be the first Royals player and catcher to win the Derby. With 21 homers so far this season, he is already approaching his career-high of 27.

- Alonso won the Derby last year; he hit 20 home runs in the semifinal and 23 in the final round last year. Alonso will be looking to be the fourth player to win back-to-back home run derby's. Alonso hit a rookie record of 53 homers as a rookie and has 17 so far this year.

Winner: Pete Alonso


Overall Winner Prediction:

I think Ohtani will end up winning the Home Run Derby, and he is going to put on a show. Expect a lot of bombs to be hit in this year's Derby. In the thin air of Colorado, hitters will look to show off their power, and it will be fun to watch.

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