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MLB 10 and 5 Players

Updated: Jun 16

MLB 10 and 5 Players

Written by: Nathan Middleton

What is 10 and 5

10 and 5 mean that you have ten years of major league service time and five years with the same team. Just getting to ten seasons is a massive accomplishment that provides numerous benefits (fully vested MLBPA member, full pension, MLB Lifetime Pass (two free tickets to any game they want), and a mark of pride for players as the average player plays less than four seasons.

If you have ten years of service time AND you have spent the last five with the same team you cannot be traded without your consent which gives players stability in a pro sports world that offers extremely little of it.

List of 10 and 5 Players

Aroldis Chapman- Yankees

Chris Sale- Red Sox

Miguel Cabrera Tigers

Salvador Perez- Royals

Jose Altuve- Astros

Mike Trout- Angels

Stephen Strasburg- Nationals

Adam Wainwright- Cardinals

Yadier Molina- Cardinals

Jason Heyward- Cubs

Joey Votto- Reds

Justin Turner- Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw- Dodgers

Craig Stammen- Padres

Brandon Crawford- Giants

Brandon Belt- Giants

There were only 16 which surprised me as I thought there would be between 20 and 25

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