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MLB All-Star Ballot Second Round Update

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

MLB All-Star Ballot Second Round Update

Written by: Nathan Middleton

Yesterday the first update for the second phase of All-Star voting was released. I will go over who I voted for, who I think will win, and the current results as of the release date.

American League


Alejandro Kirk, TOR: 74%

Jose Trevino, NYY: 26%

Who I Voted For: Kirk who has the advantage in basically everything.

Who I Think Will Win: Kirk is ahead by a mile right now.

First Base

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR: 66%

Ty France, SEA: 34%

Who I Voted For: France as I feel his massive edge in average overrides Guerrero's edge in the power numbers.

Who I Think Will Win: Guerrero easily as I think his margin is insurmountable and the Jays fans seem like they want to vote their whole team in.

Second Base

Jose Altuve, HOU: 56%

Santiago Espinal, TOR: 44%

Who I Voted For: Altuve as he has better numbers.

Who I Think Will Win: Altuve should barely hold off Espinal despite all of Canada seemingly voting for him.

Third Base

Rafael Devers, BOS: 58%

José Ramírez, CLE: 42%

Who I Voted For: Devers because it is close and I am a Red Sox fan.

Who I Think Will Win: Devers should get the edge due to market size and the current voting edge, especially after his two-homer, five RBI game against the Yankees (so far through five innings).


Tim Anderson, CWS: 54%

Bo Bichette, TOR: 46%

Who I Voted For: Anderson as he has better numbers than Bichette.

Who I Think Will Win: Bichette will likely overcome the deficit as the Blue Jays seem to be voting more than everyone else

Outfield (Two Winners)

Mike Trout, LAA: 39%

Giancarlo Stanton, NYY: 22%

George Springer, TOR: 21%

Lourdes Gurriel Jr., TOR: 18%

Who I Voted For: Trout and Stanton as they have better power numbers.

Who I Think Will Win: Trout and Springer will win as Trout has an enormous edge, I don't see Stanton staying ahead of both Jays, and Springer leads Guerriel as of now.

Designated hitter

Shohei Ohtani, LAA: 50%

Yordan Alvarez, HOU: 50%

Who I Voted For: Alvarez as he has outstanding numbers and I did not consider Ohtani's pitching numbers while voting.

Who I Think Will Win: Ohtani will likely take it due to name recognition and his performance pitching and hitting on Wednesday


National League


Willson Contreras, CHC: 65%

Travis d’Arnaud, ATL: 35%

Who I Voted For: Contreras has better numbers nearly across the board.

Who I Think Will Win: Contreras has a huge lead and will cruise to victory.