MLB Postseason Predictions

MLB Postseason Predictions

Written by: Charles Vakassian

As the MLB season draws to a close, it is time to look at the current playoff picture, and take a look at who will make it, and who won’t. Plus, we will make our final standings predictions, to see who will end up finishing in what spot in their respective divisions.


Playoff Picture:

American League

The divisional picture is pretty much set, with the Rays, White Sox, and Astros all holding comfortable leads. The Wild Card race is still very much up in the air, with several teams vying for the two spots available. We will take a look at each team, where they stand as of today, and the likelihood of them snagging one of the playoff spots.


Boston Red Sox


Currently two games behind for the Wild Card spot, Boston is in the best position to make the postseason. Their schedule is mostly soft, as they have matchups with the Mets, Orioles, and Nationals left on their schedule. The only roadblock is a tough 3 game set with the Yankees at Fenway Park, which could end up deciding the fate of both teams, as the Yankees are two games behind the Red Sox with 10 games to go.


Toronto Blue Jays


Only a half a game behind, Toronto’s hold is a lot more tenuous, as the Yankees are currently sitting in the Wild Card spot. Toronto has a tougher schedule than Boston, as they have to face the Rays and Yankees, although series with the Twins and Orioles mixed in could prove helpful.

New York Yankees


Currently in the Wild Card but New York has the toughest remaining schedule of all the potential contenders, as after the finish with the Rangers, they have 9 straight against the Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Rays. The AL East has been a problem for New York all year, so if they want to make the playoffs, they have to start taking care of business within the division.

Oakland Athletics


A little further out than the rest of the pack, Oakland needs to get hot down the stretch to have a chance. A brutal divisional schedule offers little hope, with multiple series against the Mariners and Astros.

Seattle Mariners


Starting to pick it up a little, the Mariners are in the same boat as the A’s, where any loss is considered to be a huge step back. Matchups against the Angels offer a chance to gain on the teams ahead of them, as do key series against the Athletics.


Playoff Picture:

National League

The NL is seeing much more competition for their divisional crowns. The Brewers have the Central well in hand, but the Phillies are only three games behind the Braves, and the Giants and Dodgers are neck in neck, separated by two games in the standings.


Atlanta Braves


In the driver's seat with only a couple of weeks left, the Braves control their own destiny. Games against the Diamondbacks, slumping Padres, and Mets should allow them to hold onto the NL East crown


Philadelphia Phillies


There is a chance. Games against the Orioles, Pirates, and Marlins should afford the Phillies opportunities to gain on Atlanta. The two teams will face off in Atlanta from the 28th to the 30th, a series that will in all likelihood decide the division


St. Louis Cardinals


A 10 game winning streak has seen the Cardinals surge ahead of the Padres and Reds, and take the last Wild Card spot. A 4 game lead with only 2 weeks left is a very stable cushion. 7 games left with the Cubs should allow for at least 4-5 wins, enough to maintain the lead in the Wild Card. They do also play division leader Milwaukee for 5 more games, but at least winning 2 of those should suffice.


Los Angeles Dodgers


Only two games behind the Giants, the Dodgers have the proper schedule to take over control of the NL West. Series against the Rockies, Diamondbacks, and the reeling Padres afford the Dodgers the chance they need to leap San Francisco and seize control of the division.


San Francisco Giants


With only a two-game lead over the rival Dodgers, the Giants need every win they can get to avoid the Wild Card Game. Similar to the Dodgers, their schedule is also soft, with the Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Padres on the slate.


Final Standings and Playoff Predictions

AL East

  1. Rays 98-64

  2. Red Sox 93-69

  3. Yankees 92-70

  4. Blue Jays 91-71

  5. Orioles 51-111


AL Central

  1. White Sox 93-69

  2. Indians 82-80

  3. Tigers 80-82

  4. Royals 74-88

  5. Twins 69-93


AL West

  1. Astros 95-67

  2. Mariners 88-74

  3. Athletics 86-76

  4. Angels 77-85

  5. Rangers 59-103


NL East

  1. Braves 87-75

  2. Phillies 83-79

  3. Mets 78-84

  4. Marlins 69-93

  5. Nationals 65-97


NL Central

  1. Brewers 96-66

  2. Cardinals 89-73

  3. Reds 83-79

  4. Cubs 70-92

  5. Pirates 61-101


NL West

  1. Giants 103-59

  2. Dodgers 102-60

  3. Padres 84-78

  4. Rockies 75-87

  5. Diamondbacks 52-110



AL Wild Card

Yankees 5, Red Sox 3

- Yankees get enough offense from Judge and Company, and Cole shuts down Sox

NL Wild Card

Dodgers 4, Cardinals 1

- Dodgers pitching staff too dominant for Cardinals to get anything going



Rays (3) over Yankees (1)

- Clutch hitting and an elite bullpen do the job for Tampa against a boom or bust Yankee offense

Astros (3) over White Sox (2)

- Astros offense carries the team against an inexperienced playoff team in the White Sox


Dodgers (3) over Giants (2)

- Pitching duels all five games, but a deeper Dodgers staff gives them the edge

Brewers (3) over Braves (0)

- Elite pitching from Burnes, Woodruff, and Peralta do the job



Rays (4) over Astros (3)

- Rays unconventional pitching rotation does the job, Meadows rakes against Houston pitching.


Dodgers (4) over Brewers (2)

- Scherzer and Buehler take over


World Series

Dodgers (4) over Rays (2)

- More manpower in LA. Too deep for a Rays squad to handle


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