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NBA Finals: Game 3 Recap

Updated: May 31

NBA Finals: Game 3 Recap

Written by: Treal Holland

Celtics bounce back in the 2022 NBA Finals winning game three 116-100 over the Golden State Warriors.

The trio of Jayson Tatum (26 points), Jaylen Brown (27 points) and Marcus Smart (24 points) become the first trio to each score 20 points, 5 rebounds, & 5 assist in the NBA Finals since 1984. They set the tone on offensive end of the floor by being aggressive an attacking the basket not just settling for jumpers.

But the unsung hero of the game was Robert Williams who was impressive on both ends of the floor finishing the game with 8 points, 10 rebounds, along with 4 blocks & 3 steals.

Boston is now 7-0 following a loss in the playoffs.

The Warriors are also unbeaten in the 2022 postseason following a defeat, so Game 4 is huge for both teams looking to win the championship.

Other than the third quarter it was a tough night on both ends of the floor for the Warriors. Steph led all with 31 points, but it proved to not be enough. They lead briefly by 2 points & wasn't able to sustain it throughout the game.

The Celtics largest lead was 18 points which was aided by them outscoring the Warriors 52-26 points in the paint. They also out rebounded them 58-39.

The 11 points by the Warriors in the 4th quarter is the 2nd fewest number of points scored in the 4th quarter of a playoff game in their history.

Draymond coming into the game with much attention fouled out with just 2 points

Moving into Game 4 on Friday shapes up to be the most pivotal game in the series as the Warriors look to bounce back to not fall down 3-1 in the series.

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