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Should the MLB All-Star Game Change?

Updated: May 31

MLB All-Star Game

Written by: Eric Shaw

Should the All-Star game mean something? Should it be more than just a break in the middle of the season to recognize the outstanding players so far through the season? Or should it determine home field advantage in the World Series?

Back in 2017, the league changed the rules to whichever team who had the better record gets home field advantage. Is it fair? Yes. But that’s besides the point. In 2003 MLB made the all star game mean something. It made the voting more about who is playing well, rather than a popularity game. Fans were making votes in hopes that their team could have home field advantage in the World Series.

From 2003 to 2017 whichever side that won the All-Star game hosted the World Series. In those years, the American League won twelve out of fifteen times. But out of those fifteen years, the American League only won the World Series seven times. Which raises the question, does home field advantage matter in baseball? Of course it does! If you’ve ever been to a game, you know how loud the crowd can get. But from 2003 to 2017 the All Star game ACTUALLY meant something, even though viewership has been in a downward spiral since the 90’s. Before 2003, the MLB would just switch back and forth of home field advantage in the World Series, which was too boring, so they changed their rules.

But that means something needs to change. The NBA changed how their All-Star game is played, and it has worked out of the best. Their game actually means something now, and the MLB needs to do the same. Maybe it does not have to be so extreme of home field advantage in the biggest games of the year, but something fun or meaningful. Leave some comments on how the MLB can spice up the All-Star game so they have more viewership. Share this with friends and ask them, as there can be so many different ideas.

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