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What are the Colorado Rockies doing?

Updated: May 31

What are the Colorado Rockies doing?

Written By: Eric Shaw

Back in 2021, The Colorado Rockies shipped Nolan Arenado and fifty one million dollars to the St. Louis Cardinals for Austin Gomber and a handful of prospects. As many thought, this was the beginning of the rebuild. Well just hold on right there.

The Rockies has just dished out a blockbuster contract to former San Francisco Giant Kris Bryant, giving him a seven year, 182 million dollar contract. But the real question is why, why would the Rockies give him such a large contract for a team that is trying to rebuild? I see it as a way to just make sure the Giants do not re-sign him, that is the only thing I could think of.

Kris Bryant was traded last season from the Chicago Cubs to the San Francisco Giants on July 30th, 2021. Last season between the two teams Bryant hit .265 with 25 home runs and 73 runs batted in. Bryant was hitting pretty well on the Cubs before he got traded and slowed down once he joined the Giants. With Coors Field being a hitter's park, we can assume to see those numbers up next season, but sadly the only thing Bryant will be doing is giving the Rockies a worse draft pick.

In a division that contains the Dodgers, Giants and Padres, the Rockies are going to be fighting for last place with the Diamondbacks for at least the next ten years, which is ALL of and some more of Kris Bryant’s contract. This contract would make a little more sense if they had Trevor Story tied up for a couple of more years, but now he is a part of the Boston Red Sox.

So why is the question we are all still wondering. Is it to sell tickets, jersey sales, or are the Rockies just trying to make up for trading away star third baseman Nolan Arenado? The answer is no one knows, the Rockies are not in any sort of a title opportunity right now and it only got worse since Trevor Story is officially gone. Gladly the Rockies have already found their replacement for Story. Is it Carlos Correa? No, better, it is Jose Iglesias. The Rockies also signed thirty three year old Alex Coleme, who had a 4.15 ERA last season to a one year deal.

The Rockies had a chance to trade Trevor Story and Jon Gray at the deadline last season as many teams were interested in them. They could have got a pretty good turn around for those players but now, Gray has already signed with the Texas Rangers this off season and Story has just recently signed with Boston.

Kris Bryant got paid, and I hope that’s all he cares about because in that contract he signed, the first line should have read “We are in no shape to win anything in a long time, if you are okay with that sign here”. Congratulations to the Rockies and their fans because at least now when you see the Rockies lose, you get to see your star third baseman play every day.

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