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World Series Bets to Target in 2022

Updated: May 31

World Series Bets to Target in 2022

Written By: Andrew Quinn

While the MLB is in the midst of a lockout, now is as good a time as ever to be looking at future lines in the betting market. Today, I will be discussing some of my favorite teams to be targeting for World Series winner bets, and will be using lines that are currently offered on Fanduel Sportsbook as of January 2, 2022.

Why is it a good idea to be placing bets now? There are a variety of reasons. First, because no one has played a game yet, there isn’t a clear cut “favorite.” The best odds belong to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are +600 odds to win the 2022 World Series on Fanduel Sportsbook. The next best team is the Houston Astros at +1000 odds.

Another reason why it is smart to bet now is because of the lockout. As soon as it ends, expect to see multiple noteworthy players sign within 24 hours. The lines might move after players sign to new ball clubs, especially those who are already favored in the top 5-8 teams. While many big-named players, like Max Scherzer, signed before the lockout, there are still plenty of MLB-quality free agent players looking for their next team.

My recommendation is to place a few smaller bets on your long-shot favorites, and then go a little bit bigger for your highest conviction plays. Here are some of my favorite World Series bets right now, dividing $50 worth of bets.

1. Atlanta Braves: +1400 to repeat

The Braves have a strong returning cast. Their superstar, Ronald Acuña, was injured during their World Series run. They are an even stronger team when he is in their lineup. The biggest question mark with the Braves is pitching. If they add another workhorse and a bullpen arm, expect their odds of repeating to move to +1000 or better. Bet $5 to win $70.

2. Los Angeles Angels: +3200

Let’s start with the obvious. Mike Trout is a generational player, but he has never played in a postseason game. Maybe this is the year the Angels have a strong enough cast around him to get there. They recently added Noah Syndegaard to their rotation, and with supporting guys like Anthony Rendon, the Angels have a chance to surprise people in 2022. Get Shohei Ohtani and Trout to the playoffs and anything could happen. Bet $5 to win $160.

3. St. Louis Cardinals: +1800

The Cardinals have a history of making runs in the playoffs, and they should have a clear path to getting there in 2022. The NL Central will be weaker than it was in 2021, and their only competition is the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cardinals have already added depth in their starting rotation, and should be much healthier heading into 2022. They have one of the best offenses in baseball when everyone is clicking. Bet $5 to win $90.

4. Texas Rangers: +7500

This is a bet you have to be 100% okay with losing. The Rangers have the biggest payout of any team I am betting on to win the World Series. However, they added superstar Corey Seager before the lockout, as well as Marcus Siemien. The Rangers looked like a rebuilding team heading into the offseason, but both of those moves lead me to believe they will be competitive in 2022. Bet $5 to win $375.

5. Toronto Blue Jays: +1200

The Blue Jays have some of the most exciting young talent in all of baseball, featuring Bo Bichette, Caven Biggio, and Vladimir Guererro Jr. They extended Jose Berrios this offseason to keep their bullpen anchored down, and they spent big money on Kevin Gausman to add some firepower to their starting rotation. The Blue Jays are also known to make trades in-season to give their team the best chance to get to the postseason. I expect the Blue Jays to be a strong team in 2022, and they could push for 100 wins in the regular season. Bet $15 to win $180.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers: +600

The Dodgers have been a powerhouse in baseball for the last few years, and don’t show any signs of slowing down in 2022. They return most of their superstar players from last season, and Cody Bellinger should return to his MVP-caliber form this season. The Dodgers will be spenders once the lockout ends - look for them to make a big signing or two, or trade for a premier player. If they win 100+ games in the regular season (which they should), their odds will likely move closer to +300. Bet $15 to win $90.

I like spreading out the bets for futures because, if any one of those 6 bets hit, we are profitable. And that is always my goal - to make you money! These are my favorite bets, but if you have strong convictions, now is the time to punch those tickets! Good luck with your endeavors, and as always, be sure to bet responsibly.

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