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Bold 2022 Fantasy Football Predictions

Updated: Jun 16

Way Too Early 2022 Fantasy Football Projections

Written by: Jackson Melin

This last season saw the Los Angeles Rams winning the super bowl. With the new addition of Matthew Stafford, they bolstered themselves into contention. This last fantasy season had a breakout player, Cooper Kupp. With Stafford at the helm, Kupp dominated opposing defenses. Kupp, who then led the league in receptions, yards, and touchdowns of any player.

The year before however, he put up some mediocre stats. He had 92 Rec, 974 Yds, and 3 TD’s while only playing 15 games. Which by no means is bad, but certainly not breakout level. This year should bring an all new breakout star. Or in other words, a new Cooper Kupp type season.

With all of that said, here are MY “Way too early fantasy football projections”

(Disclaimer- RB2 or WR2 refers to being to being the second highest scorer for that position)

*Based on 1QB ESPN format*


My pick for QB1 is Derek Carr. Obviously, fans/media is going to call for my head for saying this. But, with the way the divisions are stacking up, the raiders must have an offensive approach. With that, they have a good chance to dominate. Others are going to say “Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers” and yes, they are all HOF caliber players. They will put up some top numbers at QB. But for the top spot in terms of fantasy, Carr has the edge. With his new weapon Davante Adams, Carr will have a familiar college teammate to light up the scoreboard. Pair that with Waller and Jacobs, this team has a real chance to go far.


My projection for RB1, is CMC. McCaffrey, who has played a combined 10 games through 2 seasons. CMC is due for a bounce back; the receiving back is the most valuable spot in Fantasy Football. Back in 2019, he had a 1000(rushing yards) 1000(receiving yards) which tied Rodger Craig and Marshall Faulks records in a single season. Christian has a way to rebound in a big way, I think he’ll succeed.


Rankings for RB2, at the top of my list is Jonathan Taylor. Last season, he rushed for league best 1811 Yds, and 18 TD’s. With the colts signing Matt Ryan, Taylor will have more opportunities in the pass catching game.

I also could have gone with Derrick Henry, who he and Taylor both act as volume runners. I also could have gone with Alvin Kamara, (As I said before) receiving backs kill. Regardless, Taylor has the best all-around game, that makes him a guaranteed RB2


For WR1, my pick will be Jamar Chase. The LSU duo lit it up last season, Chase putting up 81 Rec. 1455 Yds and 13 TD’s. Burrow putting up 4611 Yds, and 34 TD’s. Chase will dominate the opposing cornerbacks. He easily is my top WR, even with Higgins and Boyd sharing the load.


The WR2 spot, I have Justin Jefferson. Last season with Cousins at the helm, Jefferson put up 108 Rec. 1616 Yds. And 10 TD’s. With Adam Thielen at the other wide out taking other looks/attempts, Jefferson is still a must grab.


The top TE is an easy one. Travis Kelce will undoubtably be number one by years end. The loss of Tyreek Hill is huge for the Chiefs, they no longer have their speedy Pro Bowl WR1. The one steady option in that Chiefs offense, is Kelce. The last 6 years, Kelce has put up at least 80. Rec. and 1000 Yd’s. He is arguably the most consistent player in the entire league.

Flex - For the flex spot, I got to go with J.K Dobbins. snag him in the early/middle rounds. Dobbins is looking for a bounce back after a season missed with injury. Bet on Dobbins, and he’ll repay it back.

Defense - The top defense changes year to year. Whether it be the Seahawks in 2015, The Bears in 1985, or the Jaguars in 2017. The defensive units have vastly improved over this free agency period. With the Bills adding Von Miller, Dolphins adding Melvin Ingram, or the Chargers adding Khalil Mack. With The defenses this year being loaded, the Rams seem to be the safest option. With old stallworth Aaron Donald at the D-Tackle spot, Leonard Floyd at the LB, and Star corner Jalen Ramsey, they are poised to repeat as one of the top defenses. If the rams are unavailable, bet on the Buccaneers. With their star-studded cast of: Suh, White, Pierre-Paul, David, Barrett, Davis, Murphey-Bunting, Whitehead, and Winfield. This defense is also a lock.

Kicker - The top kicker spot for me is split, the first is Daniel Carlson, the second being Justin Tucker. Carlson put up the most fantasy points for a kicker, however Tucker has been more historically consistent. I think that Carlson (because of the offense) will have plenty of opportunities to score. So, Carlson will be the better choice.

Sleepers - Fantasy Football and Sleepers, that is a connection that’s as good as Stockton to Malone. Sleepers have been an integral part of these games, since its inception. My top sleepers for this year are:

WR. Michael Thomas, (Coming off of some issues) can put up WR1 numbers, when he does play. With Winston at QB, the Saints will most definitely air it out. However, the Saints still have Alvin Kamara. Also, New Orleans drafted a new WR. Chris Olave. Even with all of those pieces, still snag Thomas in the later rounds.

QB. Tua Tagovailoa, Tua has been a disappointment in his young career thus far. He’s struggled in games, in practice, and even in his own teammates. But, he went to the most prestigious school in CFB history. His numbers at Alabama are outstanding(leading to being the 5th overall pick in 2020). With Tyreek Hill added, and his former SEC teammate Jaylen Waddle by his side. This year will be the deciding year, if Tua can’t take them, then they will have to try and tank for another QB.

QB. Drew Lock, I’ll take a second after the audible gasp. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that via ProFootballTalk ”I think he’d have been the first guy picked, of quarterbacks anyway. He’d have been the first guy in this draft. I don’t have any hesitation saying that” If lock can maintain a steady production, you can see QB11 numbers.

RB. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, in his first 2 seasons, CEH has proved to be a solid two way back. If he can stay in form, he’ll get extra attention since Hill is gone.

WR. Darnell Mooney, The now number 1. Wideout for the bears has a chance to shine. With second year QB Justin Fields at under center, Mooney has the chance to break out in a big way.

TE. Pat Freiermuth, the loss of Juju Smith-Schuster hurt the Steelers. In his absence, Chase Claypool and Dionte Johnson will have bigger roles. But with a rookie QB in Kenny Pickett, he’ll need a secure, safety option.

RB. Miles Sanders, with three okay-ish seasons, Sanders will breakout with QB Jalen Hurts coming into his own.

Thus ends my rankings for next year. Agree or disagree? Let me know:

Twitter - @Eaglesfan983

Insta – @jlife203

FB – Jackson Melin

Email –

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