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2022 Fantasy Tight End Sleeper

Updated: Jun 16

2022 Fantasy Tight End Sleeper

Written by: Jon Gerstenberger

Bold take, sans context: I believe Mo Alie-Cox is a TE1 for fantasy this year.

Bold take, with context: Noah Fant was the TE12 last year. The universally disappointing, Noah Fant.

So, to get to where I think he will be in 2022, Mo Alie-Cox essentially just needs to not be a universal disappointment. That’s the land we’re exploring here.

In all seriousness, I love Mo Alie-Cox and expect him to finish as the TE6, based on the change at quarterback, the departure of Jack Doyle and another year in a system that favors the tight end.

MAC only had an 8.9% target share in 2021, with Jack Doyle also getting 8.5%, which is incredibly low, and he only played on 54.7% of snaps, less than Jack Doyle’s 57.7%.

Jack Doyle has likely been replaced by MAC’s fellow mythological creature, rookie Jelani Woods (6’7, 275lbs.), but a glaring part of Woods draft profile is that his hands “aren’t great as a block or pass-catcher”, so while he might be on the field, he’ll impact MAC’s game far less than Jack Doyle did.

Couple that increased snap percentage with Matt Ryan’s love for the tight end position – 18.83% of his career passes have targeted the tight end position – and MAC is in a great position to level up in 2022.

And, in most leagues, he’s going undrafted, so you can grab him with your last pick to see how the first couple weeks of the season go, then cash in, laughing your way to fantasy superstardom.

Okay, maybe not, but I wanted to include a tight end in this and MAC’s situation, and size, were too alluring not to dig into further.

Written by @thejongerst on Twitter, creator of, a website dedicated to uncommon fantasy content for uncommon fantasy players. Follow him and tell him why he’s wrong – he loves it.

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