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AFC West Check-in

Updated: Jun 16

AFC West Check-in

Written by: Dwayne Douglas

Los Angeles Chargers:

Chargers have won every pre-season award from Head Coach of the year to Herbert being the League MVP. So, to say the heat is on is an understatement. SoFi’s other tenant just won the Super Bowl. So, with JC Jackson and Khalil Mack the expectations are big. But the one thing that really stands out is the running game and run defense. The Chargers have an all-purpose back in Austin Ekeler but they like Isaiah Spiller. Spiller had fumbling issues in college, but look to step in as the number 2 back in L.A. With Mike Williams & Keenan Allen the Chargers have a nice one-two punch but could use a deep threat look for them to try and acquire or produce one from their current roster.


Denver Broncos:

The Walton Family, the owners of your local Walmart and every other Walmart, have purchased the Denver Broncos for 4.5 billion dollars. You can expect Russell Wilson to get a new contract soon after the deal is finalized. He didn’t come to Denver to ski the slopes. He came to win, leave Seattle, and get paid for his skill set. Looks like all Jerry Jeudy legal issues have been dropped so the WR can hopefully hit the ground running. Jeudy is talented but has struggled with drops and inconsistent plays throughout his career. Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett is hoping things change. Next week we will look at the Raiders & Chiefs.

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