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Allegiant was Built for This!

Updated: Jun 3

By Dwayne Douglas @rtpowpodcast

Mark Davis is typically known for his causal outfits, his hair, his backpack and the team his Daddy built.

Al Davis built the Raiders from scratch, and had many career highs, ultimately ending with many lows before his passing in 2011.

His son Mark will be the first to tell you that he isn’t his father. He didn’t have the same football acumen. But, he did do something that his father didn’t do: build a revenue-generating state-of-the-art stadium.

The Raiders have done a lot of losing over the years — members of the RaiderNation fanbase will be the first to tell you that. But come Sunday, the bright lights of Sunday Night Football will be upon Allegiant Stadium A.K.A. the Death Star. This is what Allegiant was built for; big games under the Las Vegas lights.

The Raiders season off the field has been one crazy thing after another. They lost many pieces of the front office. Then, the “100 Million Dollar Man” Jon Gruden gets fired for words spoken years ago. Henry Ruggs, who was beginning to become a star wide receiver, drove home at 156mph, ending a life and his career with the silver and black.

The pain of the season and many years of losing can be put on the back burner if the Raiders can win Sunday at the Death Star. It would provide validation for many of the moves made this off-season; validation for General Manager Mike Mayock, whose entire 2020 draft class is no longer with the team and validation for an 8-year QB reaching for the next level. But, most of all to owner Mark Davis, who Built a palace for a nation of pirates who want to pillage their way to the post season.

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