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COVID-19 Outbreak Continues in the NFL

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The NFL continues to have COVID-19 outbreaks across the league. The week 4 game with the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Tennessee Titans were postponed and was considered the teams bye weeks. After week 4 concluded more outbreaks with different teams started to form. The Patriots also played the Chiefs during week 4 without starting quarterback Cam Newton due to him testing positive for COVID-19.

With more Patriots testing positive they were forced to postpone their week 5 matchup against the Broncos which will now be played during week 6 causing a ripple affect across the league. Teams were forced to change their bye weeks to continue to face all their matchups. With the most game changes is the Chargers having to move four of their games to different weeks. Other teams with game changes are to follow; Bills, Titans, Patriots, Broncos, Dolphins, Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets, and Steelers. It has been crazy to see that two games being moved caused a ripple effect of 10 teams throughout the league to change something on at least one of their games.

So far their has been five teams who have had at least one player to test positive on their team.

  • Patriots (4 players)

  • Falcons (1 player)

  • Chiefs (1 player)

  • Titans (23 players & personnel)

  • Raiders (1 player)

The league has talked about creating a bubble for the playoffs at multiple locations for the 14 teams that make it to the playoffs this season. As of right now their has been talks about the leagues potential playoff bubbles include the stadiums of the Los Angeles Rams and of the Dallas Cowboys.

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