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5 Reasons that Rich Bisaccia Should Not Be the Head Coach of the Raiders

Updated: Jun 3

Dwayne's High Five | 5 Reasons that Rich Bisaccia Should Not be the Head Coach of the Raiders

Written by: Dwayne Douglas

5. Prisoner of The Moment

The second the ball went through the uprights on Sunday night — finally, the #Raidernation

could have a moment where they won’t be laughed at or disgraced. They weren’t perfect, but they functioned like an actual NFL team. Interim Head Coach Rich Bisaccia should get credit for that. With that being said, the Raiders can’t be prisoner of the moment. Maybe Bisaccia is the next John Harbaugh; a veteran special team's coach who is a great leader of men. But ask yourself — if he was on the open market would Rich Bisaccia be offered a job as a Head Coach the Nation Football League? The answer is a quick and emphatic “Hell no”!

4. QB has been clutch but the Offense has stalled

The chips were down, and you needed a big play from Derek Carr — you got one during the 4-game win streak to end the season. But, during these games the offense had to get carried to the finish line by its special teams and defense. You might say that’s complementary football. On 3rd down and in the Redzone, the Raiders have been in Jaguars & Lions land, which isn’t sustainable in 2022.

3. Free agency

Free agents are always a hit or miss proposition for any NFL team. Without a doubt it’s going to cost you more to get someone to come to play for a team lead by Coach Bisaccia. The owner can cut the check; the GM can talk to the agent. Then, the impact guys in free agency are going to want to get paid, but also want to win, and know how they are going to get used your system. That last part would be the hardest: “How are you going to utilize my skills, Coach?”. I don’t know how the Special Team would do in that conversation.

2022 opponents

The NFL is unpredictable — just look at the schedule this year for the 10-7 playoff-bound Las Vegas Raiders. They beat good teams yet lost to some of the worst teams in the NFL. But, in 2022 here are the list of Head Coaches the Raiders will face: Kliff Kingsbury, Sean McVay, Kyle Shannan, Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton, Mike Vrabel, not to mention Andy Reid, twice. You have to get a guy who can go head-to-head with those men and be able to come out on top. No doubt the Raider players play hard for Coach Bisaccia, but game plans and strategy have to be at the highest level when you’re playing those coaches.

2. Split the Baby/Getting a staff together

“Splitting the baby” sounds harsh. But it's a term used when you have to decide to keep the GM and fire a coach, or vice versa. If they come together, they should leave together.

The Chicago Bears fired Head Coach Matt Nagy and General Manager Ryan Pace. The Bears didn’t split the baby. Mike Mayock has done some good things in this year’s draft class. But, when you draft Henry Ruggs, Damon Arnette, Lynn Bowden, and Tanner Muse, people are going to say you wasted the Khalil Mack draft capital. Those people will be right because you did. Mayock needs to go, and his interim HC does as well.

Plus, what kind of coaching staff would Bisaccia have anyway? We would have to bring back Al Davis to pick the staff. In the off-season the Raiders need to blow up the offensive staff. Gruden’s yes-men crew can’t come back, as they have not performed well, despite the team’s four game win streak. Could you imagine (the Clapper) Jason Garrett calling stick routes all day in silver and black? Insert vomit emoji right here _____!!!!

1. End the Gruden

A lot was made of the 10 years 100-million-dollar contract Jon Gruden signed with the Raiders. Some loved it, some hated it. But at the end of the day, it ended in poor drafts, no playoffs, and racial and homophobic disgrace to the Raiders brand. The only thing good that came out of it was they get a reprieve. The team and the owner can start over with a playoff team filled with young talent. — that means cleaning house. So, while Rich Bisaccia did a good job keeping this team together and helping them stay focused at the task at hand, big picture we all know he’s not the GOAT. Time is of the essence; don’t waste any more silver & black years with the Bisaccia Era. The state-of-the-art stadium needs a big-time Head Coach.

Dwayne Douglas is also the Host of the Put On Raiders Podcast

Host of the Study Body Left USC Podcast and writes for &

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