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Dynasty Sells: February 2022

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

3 Players at QB, RB, and WR You Should Trade Away This Offseason

Now that the Super Bowl has passed (congrats to the Rams by the way), it is a great time to gauge league interest in players on your Dynasty rosters. Your leaguemates might be in Dynasty hibernation mode - but the best way to wake everyone up is by putting some players on the trading block.

Today, I’ll be looking across the league and discussing some players who I think are in a great “sell” window. Either their value is at a peak, or the return on investment is about as high as it is going to be moving forward. If these guys are on your team, maybe it’s time to start thinking about cashing out. If they’re on another team, it probably is a good idea to stay away. Let’s start with some Quarterbacks.