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Sean Payton in Silver & Black

Updated: Jun 16

A youth movement could be coming to the NFL.

According to Micheal Lombardi, National Football League teams will be looking for younger head coaches this hiring cycle, with the exception of one team: The Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders have been linked to John Harbaugh for Head Coach, & Ed Dobbs, the current Assistant General Manager of Indianapolis Colts. The Raiders are close to finishing all of their Rooney Rule obligations and could have a GM in place this week.

I just wonder one thing — as good as Jim Harbaugh is, would the Raiders be interested in Sean Payton?

On Micheal’s Lombardi’s podcast he said that Sean Payton was unsure of his future with the Saints; that he could be looking for a new place to call home. The next day, all the other insiders jumped all over the story and those headlines could halt the Harbaugh train. Over a 15 year career Payton has amassed a 161-97 record and a Super Bowl Win in 2009, beating the Colts.

So, with teams going in a younger direction and few jobs looking to hire big name Head Coaches, you wonder where a guy like Sean Payton would end up. Al Davis did offer him the Raiders Head Coaching job a while back.

So, I wonder if Mark Davis will entertain such an idea as well. After all, Payton is regarded as one of the most innovated offensive minds of his generation, and he is in the last year of a 5-year $42,500,000 deal, according to

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