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Stefon Diggs Situation: Why you shouldn't panic

by @Nyperfox

Every news outlet is ablaze with headlines like: "🚨🚨DIGGS MISSES MANDATORY MINICAMP🚨🚨". Social media is ablaze. But I'm not panicking, and neither should you.

Diggs was at team facilities until sometime midday today, as confirmed here, here, and here. So Diggs was there, did his physical, and seemed ready to go, but disappeared sometime before practice without warning. This leaves me with 3 theories:

1.) Family/Personal emergency

This is the most probable. There's been some reports that his brother (not Trevon) has been in some trouble, so it could be related to this. It could also be just a health thing. I will not speculate further on the matter out of respect. This would also be why McDermott said he was "very concerned"

2.) Rift with coaching staff/ protest

Not very likely (Upon later information, this does seem to have become much more possible), as he would probably inform them of it. Although he did appear to express displeasure with Ken Dorsey towards the end of the year (as did many Bills fans, with several parody accounts being made, as well as him getting the nickname of "crayon eater").

UPDATE: This following update is a rumor and should be taken with several grains of salt. Word on the street Is that he was subpoenaed in his brothers case. Once again, I highly stress that this is just a rumor at this time, but it makes sense so I felt it worthwhile to include.

UPDATE 2: Diggs is working through something non football related per McDermott.

UPDATE 3: Josh Allen and Von Miller both stuck up for Diggs, and it seems to be a mix of both personal and a possible rift with Ken Dorsey

As of right now it seems that some combination of a Personal Emergency and a rift with Dorsey is leading to this, but I still think the former is more likely.

Use this info to buy low on Diggs in dynasty, if anyone has enough, and flip him for cheap.

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