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Stupid Games, Stupid Prizes

by Wayne G (@PatriotsEZ)

In the 1997 film, Mr. Bean The Movie, our dimwitted protagonist pretends to have a gun in his jacket at the airport, which leads to a chase scene. We all laughed at the scene, because we understand that Mr. Bean is a buffoon, and nobody would actually do something so stupid in real life. It is true however, that art imitates life, and that, unfortunately, people in real life are dumber than anyone you may have seen on the big screen. Even compared to the likes of Mr. Bean or Lloyd Christmas.

Ja Morant

Yes, this is basketball and not football. Also yes, in this case (unlike the next two) no alleged crime was committed. Despite these truths, the truth that can't be ignored is the stupidity involved in the events that led to one of the NBA's brightest stars getting a 28 game suspension.

In May 2022, the over-sensitive Morant took issue with being called a p***y on Twitter, replying to the person who posted the tweet, "It's free to see how hollows feel.", implying he could shoot the person with hollow point bullets for his tweet.

July 26, 2023: Ja Morant punches a 17 year old in the head, during a basketball altercation at Morant's house, then goes inside and comes back out with a gun visibly tucked in his waistband.

March 4, 2023: Ja Morant is suspended by the NBA, 8 games, for conduct detrimental to the league, after he posted an Instagram video of himself waving a gun at a strip club. Morant commented about the situation, "I take full responsibility for my actions."

March 14, 2023: 10 days after his suspension, and after taking responsibility, Morant is suspended 28 games by the NBA, after another Instagram video of him flashing a gun surfaces.

I can't help but hear the skit "Paul Rosenberg" off The Eminem Show (track 11, check it out), and Paul saying, "I told you not to bring your gun around, like an idiot."

I just can't wrap my head around somebody being so dumb over and over. I also can't understand why a team doesn't have a full time babysitter with this guy 24/7, to help him with decision making, and possibly changing his diapers, because Morant obviously has the mental aptitude of a toddler.

Joe Mixon

In January, Joe Mixon was charged with pointing a firearm at a woman, and threatened her, a few blocks from the stadium, the day before the Bengal's played the Bills in a divisional round playoff game. According to a police affidavit, Mixon also said to the woman, "You should be popped in the face. I should shoot you. The police can't get me."

Another genius in pro sports. You would think that after almost missing out on the opportunity to play in the NFL, after punching a woman in the face in college, Joe Mixon would spend the rest of his years on his best behavior. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Not only are there athletes out there who are willing to throw away millions of dollars, and their lives potentially to look tough, but they apparently are so smart, they think the police can't reach the lofty perch they wave their guns from.

Nobody is above the police, or the law, and if there were people that qualified for such a distinction, Joe Mixon's name would be nowhere near the top of that list.

Jack Jones

This may be the dumbest of the three.

Jack Jones had character issues in college, being arrested for burglary, which caused an incredibly talented football player to fall to the fourth round of the NFL Draft.

Jones showed real promise in 2022 for the New England Patriots, before being suspended at the end of the year, for violating team rules. There was a big hope among the fan base, that Jones would learn and grow from the misstep, but unfortunately, those dreams have been squashed.

Friday, June 16, 2023: Jack Jones is arrested at Logan Airport in Boston, attempting to board the plane with loaded handguns in his carry-on.

I don't know what world this guy lives in, where he thought it would be OK to bring loaded weapons on a plane. Have they been letting him do it all this time, and he got the one rogue, anti Patriots security guard this time? The sad reality is that he was planning a flight, wanted to bring his guns with him (which is fine btw), and thought, "I think the best place to pack these will be my carry on luggage."

It's too dumb and too sad to be funny. Some people actually are this stupid, and I do place a bit of blame on their organizations for not recognizing this, and having them supervised until they are grown ups. When you give little boys lots of money, they play stupid games. And there's only one prize you can win playing those.

Wayne G is the host of Patriots Endzone on YouTube. You can interact with him and the show on Twitter @PatriotsEZ.

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