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The Train to London is About to Leave

Updated: Jun 16

Written by: Cesar Fuentes

It's no secret to anyone that Drake London's rookie season wasn't memorable, but it's also no secret that despite having London and Pitts, Atlanta spent the 2022 season throwing as little as possible.

No team ran the ball more than the Falcons. London ran just 21.2 routes per game. He was the team's clear WR1 from the moment he stepped foot on an NFL field.

He averaged just 10.5 ppg and was completely unstartable in fantasy leagues for most of the season.His 29.4% goal percentage was the fifth-highest in the league, and his 32.4% goal-per-route rate was second.

He had 117 targets, which he converted to 72 receptions and 866 yards with 4 TDs on the season with Mariota and Ridder, but since Ridder took over the last 4 games, he's had 36 targets, 25 receptions for 333 yards, an average of 83.3 per game demonstrating a great connection between the two.

In summary we have seen the bottom of Drake, but the ceiling is through the roof, if Ridder starts and maintains the momentum, that volume of targets will lead him to finish with a great season.

At just 22, he's an elite prospect with elite draft capital who saw elite use in his first NFL season. I've seen enough to believe that London can be a top 12 wide receiver in the NFL in a year or two at the most.

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