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Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks - 2021-22 Season

Written by: Andrew Felton

2021 Super Bowl MVP /

With the NFL set to begin on September 10th, let’s run down the top 10 QB’s looking to drive their team to the Super Bowl.


10. Baker Mayfield | Cleveland Browns

#10 /

2020-2021 season stats - 4,030 passing yards, 30 passing TD’s, 179 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD.

Baker Mayfield is heading into his fourth season with the Cleveland Browns and has cemented his place at quarterback, with an impressive season last year, although has been through a lot of scrutiny during his time. Mayfield managed to lead the Browns into the play-offs for the first time in 18 years and gave the fans a winning regular season for the first time since 2007. With the Browns fans warming to Mayfield, he looks set to be the future of this franchise and having Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins and Austin Hooper as his targets, the play-offs is always going to be in sight.

2021-2022 stats prediction - 4,000+ passing yards, 28+ passing TD’s, 150+ rushing yards and 3 rushing TD’s.


9. Justin Herbert | Los Angeles Chargers

#9 /

2020-2021 season stats - 4,336 passing yards, 31 passing TD’s, 234 rushing yards and 5 rushing TD’s.

The explosive Rookie of the Year winner Justin Herbert, burst onto the scene for the Chargers this season, breaking all sorts of NFL rookie records including, most passing touchdowns and completions. The 6’6” quarterback impressed everyone during his debut season and will be on a lot of fantasy radars. With the Chargers offense still looking impressive with Allen, Williams and Ekeler leading the way, an injury free season and another Herbert masterclass, could see the Chargers try to push for a play-off spot.

2021-2022 stats predictions - 4,000+ passing yards, 32+ passing TD’s, 275+ rushing yards and 5 rushing TD’s.


8. Kyler Murray | Arizona Cardinals

#8 /

2020-2021 season stats - 3,971 passing yards, 26 passing TD’s, 819 rushing yards and 11 rushing TD’s.

A dual threat Quarterback who can throw passes across field to his offense but also has crazy wheels and can move fast out of the pocket to gain yards himself, in search of a first down. Last season Murray impressed with his rushing speed, however with Murray still thought of as a traditional passing quarterback, with plenty of development to come only going into his third year, his glass ceiling is very high. Looking at the Cardinals offense, Murray has weapons to aim at in the air such as DeAndre Hopkins, A.J Green, Christian Kirk and Andy Isabella, which will only make his development easier and is definitely a quarterback not to sleep on in your fantasy drafts.

2021-2022 stats prediction - 4,000+ passing yards, 30+ passing TD’s, 800+ rushing yards and 8+ rushing TD’s.


7. Tom Brady | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

#7 /

2020-2021 season stats - 5,694 passing yards, 50 passing TD’s, 3 rushing yards and 4 rushing TD’s.

The G.O.A.T, the seven time Super Bowl champion, what is left to say about Tom Brady. With his move to Tampa Bay being questioned about his age, can he still play at the highest level, what will he do without Bill Belichick? Once again Brady showed why he should never be doubted. Yes, it did have a lot to do with Tampa's defense, but there's no denying the winning mentality that Brady has. With over 5,000 passing yards and 50 TD’s, you can never write off the 43 year old and the Bucs will remain favorites again to win the Super Bowl.

2021-2020 stats prediction - 4,500+ passing yards, 42+ TD’s, 10 rushing yards and 2 rushing TD’s.


6. Russell Wilson | Seattle Seahawks

#6 /

2020-2021 season stats - 4,386 passing yards, 42 passing TD’s, 563 rushing yards and 2 rushing TD’s.

Still one of the best QB’s in the game and guaranteed points for your fantasy team, Wilson can carry any team to a convincing victory and if the start of last season is anything to go by, he can still pass and run with the ball, propelling the Seahawks to success, as well as an MVP candidate. The only question with Wilson is can he perform throughout a whole season?, after the Seahawks struggled desperately after their bye week last season.

2021-2022 stats prediction - 4,000+ passing yards, 35+ passing TD’s and 400+ rushing yards and 4+ rushing yards.


5. Ryan Tannehill | Tennessee Titans

#5 /

2020-2021 season stats - 3,984 passing yards, 34 passing TD’s, 272 rushing yards and 7 rushing TD’s.

Tannehill is one of the more steady QB’s in the league since joining the Tennessee Titans and has been a breath of fresh air the past couple of years, which has been the complete opposite to his first six years in the NFL, where he struggled with the Miami Dolphins. Tannehill has shown his accuracy with the passing game last season and is backed up by one of the best running backs in the game, Derrick Henry. With the deadly duo working in tandem through the air and on the ground the Titans could be destined for Super Bowl glory.

2021-2022 stats prediction - 3,800+ passing yards, 35+ passing TD’s, 300+ rushing yards 7+ rushing TD’s.


4. Aaron Rogers | Green Bay Packers