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Top 10 Wide Receivers 2021-22 Season

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers - 2021-22 Season

Written by: Andrew Felton

Electrifying Wide Receiver, Stefon Diggs /

The wide receiver position in the NFL has to be one of the most exciting to watch during the season, with deep catches, one-handed grabs, spectacular toe taps and fascinating routes, the league is full of stars at this position and here is a rundown of the top 10.


10. A.J. Brown - Tennessee Titans

A.J. Brown /

2020-21 season stats: 1,159 receiving yards, 12 touchdowns, and 76 receptions.

Many people might not rank A.J Brown in the top 10 wide receivers in the league but, after yet another 1,000 yard season, this 6 foot, 226lbs beast can no longer be slept on. Guaranteed points for your fantasy team, Brown will be heading into his third season wanting more receptions to produce magic. Brown is an incredible athlete gaining plenty of yards after contact and with the addition of Julio Jones to Titans, this wide receiver position looks stacked. Be sure to keep an eye on him this season.

2021-22 stats prediction: 1,000+ yards, 10+ touchdowns and 70+ receptions.


9. Justin Jefferson - Minnesota Vikings

Justin Jefferson /

2020-21 season stats: 1,400 receiving yards, 7 touchdowns and 88 receptions.

Justin Jefferson burst onto the scene this past season, in what was only his rookie year, to have 1,400 receiving yards and only miss out rookie of the year to Justin Herbert. Jefferson will be on everyone's fantasy radar if they fail to draft who their number one choice or have a later pick. There are many players who have been in the league longer than Jefferson but with a rookie season like he just had there is no reason why he cannot improve on that and therefore, deserves a spot in the top 10.

2021-22 stats prediction: 1,200+ receiving yards, 10+touchdowns and 85+ receptions.


8. Keenan Allen - Los Angeles Chargers

Keenan Allen /

2020-21 season stats: 992 receiving yards, 8 touchdowns, and 100 receptions.

There is no doubt Keenan Allen is a top receiver in the NFL, he is a reliable target when needing short yardage for a down, he can create separation when running routes from the defender, and is one of the best at receiving in tight windows. With another 100 receptions last season, will we see him go for another 1,000 yards receiving season and increase his touchdown numbers?

2021-22 stats prediction: 1,000 yards receiving, 6+ touchdowns and 90+ receptions.


7. DK Metcalf - Seattle Seahawks

DK Metcalf /

2020-21 season stats: 1,399 receiving yards, 12 touchdowns, and 88 receptions.

Power, speed, strength DK Metcalf is the whole package and once again showed the NFL why he is one of the best wide receivers in the game today. Metcalf is a key player when breaking tackles after a catch, making him a player who is not easy to stop. Metcalf is also one of the best vertical route runners in the game, offering his quarterbacks a variety of options. We must not forget to mention the touchdown-saving tackle Metcalf had last year stopping a 100 yard pick-six thanks to his phenomenal speed.

2021-22 stats prediction:1,000+ receiving yards, 10+ touchdowns and 80+ receptions.


6. Mike Evans - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Evans /

2020-21 season stats: 1,208 receiving yards, 15 touchdowns, and 81 receptions.

There is no doubt just how good Mike Evans is, with his last seven seasons being able to produce over 1,000 receiving yards, giving all defenses a headache. With last season being hindered by an injury and maybe not getting as many receptions as he would have liked, Evans linked up well with Brady when called upon and helped the team win the NFL Championship.

2021-22 stats prediction: 1,200+ receiving yards, 12+ touchdowns and 90+ receptions.


5. Julio Jones - Tennessee Titans

Julio Jones /

2020-21 season stats: 771 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns, and 51 receptions.

Already considered as one of the best wide receivers in NFL history, Julio Jones made the leap away from Atlanta to join the Tennessee Titans in the hope of a championship ring this upcoming season. With Jones in his thirties and missing seven games through injury last season, a fresh start at a new team could be exactly what he needs, and joining an offense already with Derrick Henry, A.J Brown, and Ryan Tannehill, they will be a big threat this year.

2021-22 season stats: 1,000+ receiving yards, 8 touchdowns and 80+ receptions.


4. Stefon Diggs - Buffalo Bills

Stefon Diggs /