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Wild Wild AFC West is coming for the Chiefs

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Wild Wild AFC West coming for Kansas City Chiefs In this offseason the AFC West has been crazy to say the least. The Kansas City Chiefs have been the standard but with a close win vs. the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs. Then a loss in the AFC Championship game vs. Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s clear that the AFC is coming for Andy Reid’s team. The teams in the AFC West are no different. Let’s take a look at the movement in the AFC West. The Chiefs also trade Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins for picks.

The Los Angeles Chargers have Joey Bosa, but hey you can never have enough pass rushing. So the Chargers and Bears made a trade. The Bears trade Khalil Mack to the Chargers for a 2020 2nd-round & 2023 6th round draft picks. The Los Angles Chargers watched the team they share a stadium with clinch the title with a philosophy of F*** those picks. The Chargers followed suit, they also signed Corner Back J.C. Jackson to a 5-year/$82.5 million dollar contract. The Chargers also signed Defensive Tackles Austin Johnson, Sebastian Joseph Day and they also resigned WR Mike Williams.

Breakdown- The Chargers are hoping to stop the run, which has to be a focus for them. They struggled in that department last year. Johnson & Day may help. If they can the pass rush with Mack and Bosa, and if they can stay healthy, they will be one of the best in football. Will Branden Staley continue to be a gambler and ride those analytics that cost him a playoff spot last year? The Los Angles Chargers are a possible playoff team, but will their Head Coach get in the way? Going through a bunch of QB’s The Denver Broncos have failed to replace Peyton Manning. They brought in Nathaniel Hackett as Head Coach in hopes of landing Aaron Rodgers. No Arod, but the Broncos will let Russ Cook. Enter Russell Wilson, the prolific passer from the Seahawks was acquired for draft pick Noah Fant and Shelby Harris. Poor Vic Fangino who never had a QB in Denver, and as soon as he is fired the Broncos trade for a possible Hall of Fame QB in Wilson. The Broncos also added Eric Tomlinson TE (Ravens), D.J. Jones DT (49ers) and Randy Gregory (Cowboys).

Breakdown-This is all on the head coach. Can he run a team and also run a team with expectations? How will they handle that first two or three game losing streak? Time will only tell. Also, with Fangio gone, can you name the Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator without asking Siri?

That leaves the Las Vegas Raiders who were left for dead after the first two days of Free Agency. Many saying with the roster moves others did, the silver and black should just blow it up. Well, Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels had other plans. They signed Chandler Jones, who is familiar with Patrick Graham and McDaniels from their time in New England. Next the trade no one saw coming was announced. Davante Adams is traded to The Las Vegas Raiders. On so many levels this is huge. It shows Mark Davis is not afraid and has the resources to give out guarantee money. For Dave Ziegler it shows he is able to not only talk about deals but also get them done. Josh McDaniels has shown in this moment, I can do it my way and not necessarily the Patriots way. Raiders fans have been waiting for the organization to look like and act like a big boy operation. With this off-season they most certainly do look that way. Derek Carr can drop back and see his college buddy in Adams, look to one of the best slot WR’s in Renfrow, and check for one of the best TE’s in Waller doing his thing.

Breakdown-Carr has it all, so this is his time to shine. Great play-caller check, great WR check, great TE check, and a smart Defensive Coordinator check. Tough AFC West but its time to make a run at it no doubt.

Overtaking the Kansas Chiefs is the goal for these 3 teams. Should be a lotta fun to see who comes out of the wild wild AFC West.

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