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Will the Patriots’ Way work for the Las Vegas Raiders?

Updated: Jun 16

Is the Patriots’ Way a Good Fit for the Raiders?

Written by Roel Zavala

Raiders fans eagerly await. Every Raiders fan has to admit that dipping back to the past for Jon Gruden was a major mistake. At best, he could have been as a PR consultant because the Raiders fan base loves nostalgia, but to believe his 90’s style offense would translate to success in the 2020s was ill advised. Side Note: I think half of the Raiders fan base fell in love with the interim head Rick Bisaccia, but they fell more in love with Josh McDaniels because he was coming from a successful organization. Yes, Coach McDaniels did inherit the woeful offensive line of the Raiders as well. According to, the Raiders allowed the 6th most sacks in 2021, while the Patriots were in the bottom 3rd in the league. reports the Raiders were 7th in the league in “False Start” penalties, the Patriots were 21st. But the Raiders fans will let their hopes and dreams brew slowly this off-season knowing that The Patriot Way is proven and successful. According to Pro Football Reference, the Patriots were the second highest scoring offense in 2021 and the Raiders were 26th. With regards to team offense, the Patriots were 6th in the league and the Raiders 18th. One last offensive stat nugget from Pro Football Reference, 3rd and 4th down conversions, the Patriots were 12th in 2021, the Raiders 28th. So, Raiders fans do not be too disappointed that Chucky’s growl will not patrolling the sidelines. Especially, if the Raiders are hosting a playoff game or two in January.

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